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And now, our pricing information...

The prices of our Grand Rapids party buses are custom-made for each of our customer needs. We don't list general prices online because there are a lot of details and variables that go into each and every rental... We'll fill you in more on this later! For now, the pertinent information you'll need when inquiring about our pricing is just below.

Before you give us a call about renting a party bus, please know some of these details that go into the general quote for you rental.

  • - The time of day (night vs. daytime)
  • - The day of the week
  • - The areas of travel including the pick-up spot, the drop off spot, and the travel throughout the night.
  • - The type of event (wedding, night out, etc)
  • - Length of rental in hours

Here at Grand Rapids Party Bus, we want to get you into the perfect party bus for your occasion and budget.

Some notes on why Grand Rapids Party Bus does not publish online pricing...

You might wonder, what makes our pricing so complex that we haven't been able to actually publish our prices here. Well, that's an easy yet complicated answer. In our endeavors to provide our customers with the best rates possible, we've adopted what we call a "floating pricing schedule". What this means particularly, is that we are consistently adjusting our prices in order to compensate for the ongoing fluctuations in our overhead costs. As an example, if fuel costs or our operational costs go down, generally during the lower demand time periods we compensate our hourly rates to a lower cost in order to give you the best price possible!

Because of this policy, it is not possible in practice to publish pricing which might not be the same from day to day. We feel that the benefit of giving our customers the best rate possible overrides the small convenience you'd receive here on our website if we did publish our Grand Rapids Party Bus rates.

Want our current rates for your day?

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