Grand Rapids Party Bus Frequently Asked Questions

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Our highly professional representatives get asked a lot of questions from day to day. To make life a little bit easier for you, we've asked them to let us know the common questions that they hear on a daily or weekly basis. If you have questions for us, you may want to check below to see if yours has been addressed.

Q: What is a party bus?

A: A party bus is more than just a regular limousine or bus. It is a mixture of the two with the length of a limo and the space of a bus. With all the features, it is like a nightclub on wheels.

Q: What are these features inside of a party bus?

A: Each party bus has amazing modern entertainment features like loud audio systems, big screen TVs, and mini-bars, among other amenities. Check out our VEHICLES section for detailed information on each party bus.

Q: Are there any discounts or specials on the pricing for the party buses?

A: There are specials and discounts available depending on the time of the year and the time of the week or day. The slower times will generally have slightly lower prices. Call us today to inquire.

Q: Can we drink alcohol on the party buses?

A: Yes, you can drink alcohol as long as everyone in your party is of legal drinking age.

Q: Do we need to bring our own alcohol?

A: Yes, no beverages will be supplied by Grand Rapids Party Bus.

Q: Is smoking allowed on the party buses?

A: No smoking is allowed and any evidence that there has been smoking may subject you and your party to the cancellation of the rental.

Q: Can we eat food on the party buses?

A: Yes, but please keep it clean. Any excessive clean up may subject you to additional fees.

Q: Do I need to put any money down to lock in the rental?

A: Yes. A valid credit card would need to be placed on the account for a deposit.

Q: Can we tip the driver?

A: Yes. You can tip the driver if you deem them worthy, by cash at the beginning or end of the night.

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