White Cloud Party Bus

Some great Bars & Restaurants to check out in White Cloud!

Maike’s Bakery & Pizza
157 N Charles St
White Cloud, MI 49349
(231) 689-1448

Maike's Bakery & Pizza is an old time bakery that has everything you need to satisfy your hunger and sweet tooth at the same time. There's an old stove that will remind you of days that have passed, while the donuts and pizza will have you come back time and time again to quell your rumbling stomach. Be sure to ask about the daily lunch specials here.

Capers Country Dining & Spirits
234 N Charles St
White Cloud, MI 49349
(231) 689-1282

Capers Country Dining & Spirits is one of our favorite places to enjoy a meal in the White Cloud area. Be sure to check it out the next time you want to enjoy a comfortable atmosphere and friendly waitress experience. They're known for having great specials on beer throughout the week and weekend, so you can count on an affordable bill here.

Sally’s Family Restaurant
103 N Charles St
White Cloud, MI 49349
(231) 689-6560

Sally's Family Restaurant has a salad bar that goes above and beyond what you're expecting. Some people even come here exactly for that reason! The hand battered chicken is a lot better than the normal frozen chicken tenders that are available at restaurants. There's a lot of history behind this location, and the workers are glad to explain it!

City Lites
1300 E 8th St
White Cloud, MI 49349
(231) 689-1552

City Lites is our favorite place to enjoy a great nightlife experience! This bar features a lit up bar that brings people back...it really does live up to its namesake. There are a ton of different ways to enjoy their cocktail, shot, and beer specials. Bring a couple of friends and enjoy the electric atmosphere here at City Lites in White Cloud.

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